Students Currently Studying in
Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI


As a career institute, we at ALLEN know that an encouragement platform not only provides an opportunity to students to apply their ability and win appreciation but also it conditions their mind for higher targets of tomorrow.

TALLENTEX is not just a Talent Search Exam, But it is a platform for students:

  • To Apply their Knowledge
  • To Test the curriculum learnt till now
  • To Compete with all Talented Students across six states
  • To Condition mind for Competitive Environment
  • To Set Goals of Improvement
  • To Become more prepared for future Competitive Trends
  • To Become better prepared for higher targets
  • To Earn on cash prizes & scholarship based on Merit
  • To Get free mentoring from Subject Experts

What makes TALLENTEX different ?

Today ALLEN stands as frontrunner in the country in the field of coaching young students so that they move ahead on a brilliant career path through winning at various milestones in their academic tenure. The leadership that ALLEN has achieved in the coaching sector has come through its 25 years long & successful training experience for competitive examinations. ALLEN depends heavily on research and development in teaching patterns & methodologies for adaptations of continuously changing competitive scenario.

Every year the dynamics of competition change as new students come with new exposure and the various competitive exam conducting bodies also come up with modifications.
The understanding at ALLEN of changing competitive scenario makes TALLENTEX also different as by taking this exam the students become better prepared towards future trends.
In TALLENTEX, "You will be tested as never beforeā€