1. 1. Why ALLEN?

    We work on 6 key points; Excellence in academics, Aptitude, Skills, Competitive exams, Language proficiency, Cultivating Indian values. And these points will help them to groom from every prospective.
  2. 2. Till today my ward has studied on his own and secured highest aggregate, why should she/he join ALLEN?

    At ALLEN, We focused on building strong foundation of students, sharpen their skills and prepare them to face a competitive environment at National level effectively.
  3. 3. How teaching in ALLEN is useful to our child?

    Our main aim is to make the child’s overall progress. We just don’t teach them the school curriculum but we also prepare them for various national, international and government Olympiads like NSTSE, NSO, IMO, IEO, UIEO, NTSE, JSO, RMO, NMTC, etc., state/national level Engineering and Medical entrance exams also. Thus, At ALLEN, we prepare students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply it in competitive examinations.
  4. 4. What is the ratio of number of students selected in IIT/Medical from ALLEN?

    ALLEN believes in both quality and quantity. The institute has given very quality results every year and bagged AIR-1 in both AIPMT and JEE ADVANCED in the year 2014, followed by 2373 selections in IIT-JEE, and 12573 in AIPMT and 465 in AIIMS in the year 2015 which exhibits the quantity of results delivered.


  1. 1. When & how can I enquire for Admission at ALLEN?

    You can enquire about ALLEN courses and other information either by calling on our helpline numbers or can also visit ALLEN Surat Center at our office timings between 10am-8pm.
  2. 2. Can you send details regarding fee structure, class commencement and admission procedure through sms over mobile?

    No, we don’t send details regarding Admission over mobile. You can visit our website: www.allen.ac.in, call on our helpline numbers or can visit your nearest ALLEN Information Center or ALLEN Study Center.
  3. 3. What is the Admission Process at ALLEN Career Institute, Surat Center?

    Process for Admission at ALLEN includes:
    (a). Collect information regarding courses, fee structure, class schedule, and class venue. You can also get detailed brochures for Classroom and Distance learning programs.
    (b). Purchase and fill application form either from ALLEN all India form issue counters or from ALLEN study centers for Rs. 700/-. 
    (c). Submit Application Format any ALLEN study center. You need to affix one passport size latest photograph on application form. In case you are qualified for any scholarship please contact at ALLEN study center.
    (d). Pay your course feeonline via NEFT, Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card without any extra charges. You can also pay fee through Cash in your nearest branch of Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank or Axis Bank. Also you can visit your nearest ALLEN study center to pay your fee via Cheque and DD or through Credit Card-Debit Card. Please keep the fee receipt with you and bring it to ALLEN Center for reference.

    Note: Fee in cash will not be accepted at our office.fee in cash will be deposited only at Bank Branches or Bank Counters.

    You can also take advantage of ‘Special Fee Benefit’ by depositing fee before prescribed date(s). Please refer ALLEN website or visit nearest ALLEN Center.

    In case ASAT is applicable in your course, you can pay course fee only after qualifying entrance exam.

    (e). Collect your accessories including UID cards, uniform and study material. The Photo ID card will be provided to the student at their respective class counter within 15 days of class commencement.
  4. 4. Where can I do all the formalities of Admission?

    You can visit ALLEN Surat Center or nearest ALLEN Center for Admission.
  5. 5. Is there any difference between ALLEN Surat Center and ALLEN Kota Center?

    At ALLEN we have same policies at all our centers. The study material and teaching methodology is same for all centers.
  6. 6. When do I have to report at ALLEN after Admission confirmation?

    You can reach ALLEN center on the day of class commencement so that you can make necessary arrangements for accommodation and conveyance. 
  7. 7. I belong to Delhi and my ward wants to take admission in Class 8th. Can I come alone to ALLEN Surat Center or it is necessary to bring student for Admission formalities?

    Yes, you can come alone for Admission process. You have to bring one latest passport size photograph of student.

  8. 8. I belong to Bihar and want to take admission in Class 9th in Surat Center but I am not able to come to Surat Center. Is it necessary to come to Surat Center to take admission?

    No, it is not necessary to come to surat center for admission. . You can purchase Application Form from our Form Issue Counters and can pay course fee Online via Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card (without any extra charges) and Offline via Cash in any branch of HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank or Central Bank of India. For ASAT applicable courses you'll first have to qualify ASAT exam and then you can pay your course fee.

    You can also fill Online Application Form on ALLEN website: www.allen.ac.in by paying charges through Internet Banking.

  9. 9. I am sending my Application form at ALLEN Surat center, how will I get the confirmation that my form has been accepted?

    Once the form is received at ALLEN center you will receive confirmation message along with your Application form number. After that you can proceed with fee deposition. For reference you can keep a photocopy of filled Application Form.

  10. 10. I have filled Application Form online and now I want to pay my course fee but I am not    able to come to ALLEN center. How can I pay my course fee?

    After filling online Application Form you can pay your fee online via Internet Banking, NEFT, Debit Card or Credit Card (without any extra charges) from ALLEN website. Also you can print Challan Form from ALLEN website and can pay fee in Cash in your nearest branch of HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank and Central Bank of India.

    You can also visit your nearest ALLEN Study Center and can pay your course fee there itself, showing your ALLEN Application Form Number via Cheque/Demand Draft/Debit Card-Credit Card(without any extra charges)

  11. 11. I have filled online Application form and have also paid my course fee online, what do I need to bring along when I report at ALLEN center?

    In case you have paid your fee online via Internet Banking you have to bring along with you fee receipt that you can get online from ALLEN website only. Also print Acknowledgement Form with latest photograph affixed on it with signatures of candidate and Parent.

    In case you have paid your course fee via NEFT then you have to confirm fee receipt at Accounts Section showing UTR No. at ALLEN Center.

  12. 12. I have filled Application Form and want to pay course fee by coming to ALLEN Surat Center, but I can come on Sunday only. Are you open on Sunday also and can I pay fee on Sunday also?

    Yes, we are open on Sunday also.
  13. 13. Is there any healthcare facility for ALLEN Students?

    Yes, we provide First Aid to students at ALLEN campus.

  14. 14. Is there any student care unit available at ALLEN?

    Yes we have ALLEN Team always available to take care of students regarding various issues related to their studies and health.
  15. 15. Is there any hostel facility for students at ALLEN?

    ALLEN does not own any hostel. However, there are many hostels available for boys/girls near ALLEN. You can visit and select your hostel when you reach at ALLEN Surat Center. You can also get a list of nearby hostels to ALLEN from ALLEN Office. 
  16. 16. My ward has taken admission in Class 6th course but is residing in area far from his class location. Does ALLEN have any conveyance facility also?

    Yes, you can have conveyance facility by third party for students.
  17. 17. Will there be any vacations for students in between of their year-long classroom sessions?

    No Holidays other than Diwali and National Holidays.

    Summer vacation notice will be conveyed to the students on their classroom notice board.

  18. 18. I belong to Surat city and I have taken admission in Kota Center. Can I change my Study Center to Surat?

    Yes, you can change your study center free of cost before fee payment and after fee payment charges may apply.
  19. 19. What are the cost of living / charges for Boarding & Lodging for a student in Surat?

    For conveyance and residence there are many options in Surat City. You can come and visit here and can choose the best option suitable for you.
  20. 20. How will I come to know that my ward is attending his classes regularly?

    At ALLEN we have Attendance Monitoring cell that monitors student’s attendance and you will be informed via sms regarding his in-time and out-time and phone call if your ward is not attending his classes regularly.
  21. 21. My ward is studying in ALLEN in class IX. Now on being promoted to next class does he have to fill a new Application Form?

    No, student promoted to higher class need not to fill new Application Form.


  1. 1. What is your teaching methodology?

    We have 3-tire development system
    (a) Foundation batch, Building strong foundation by continuous and comprehensive training which leads to excellent performance of students at school level studies.

    (b) Advance batch, Skill enhancement to complete various competitions like NTSE, NSTSE, NSO, IMO and various activities like conferences, seminars at different national and international levels.

    (c) Excellent batch, interning students for various government Olympiads. NSEJS/B/A/C/P, RMO, NMTC which will add an asset to their profile and help them to conquer their goals

  2. 2. Do you teach them extra for the Olympiads exam?

    No, we don’t teach extra for the Olympiads as our module and our teaching methodology contains the entire relevant syllabus necessary for exams.
  3. 3. What Medium do you consider in PNCF courses at ALLEN?

    We have English and Gujarati Medium Classes at Surat Center
  4. 4. Is there any crash course in ALLEN?

    Yes, we have crash course for NEET .
  5. 5. Do you provide coaching for all subjects?

    We provide classes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Social Science and Mental Ability.
  6. 6. Do you have faculties from Kota Center or from Surat itself?

    Faculties are hired on local level as well as relocated from other centers too. We have a specified faculty training program under which faculties recruited undergo a training session at our HO, Kota. Post that only, they are given the classes.
  7. 7. What is the duration of classes at ALLEN?

    Duration for Class is of 4 hours including doubt session of 30 Min.

  8. 8. Do you provide any Demo classes?

    No, we don’t provide any Demo class.
  9. 9. Why don’t you give Demo class / lecture to the students?

    Everyone can’t judge the teaching methodology or teaching style in one or two lectures. Also  our  system  includes  study  material  and  doubt  counters  benefits  of  which  you can only take after registering for yearlong Classroom Contact Program.
  10. 10. Is there any provision for changing phase or batch?

    Yes the student can change their batch with different timings by proper counseling/Permission and by paying applicable fees. Changing phase or batch depends on the availability of seat and performance of student.

  11. 11. Is there any orientation session in Pre-Nurture?

    Yes, there is orientation session in Pre-Nurture courses. Timings and venue for orientation session will be conveyed through SMS to the enrolled students and will also be available 2 days prior to class commencement date at ALLEN center.
  12. 12. What is the importance of competitive exams in the career of a student?

    As far as a student of PNCF i.e., studying in class 10th or below are concerned, competitive exams at this stage: -
    (1) Helps to identify the aptitude of a student i.e., in which academic area he or she can excel. For example, after giving various govt./pvt Olympiads & National talent search exams, according to his/her performance, a student & his/her parents may get a clear idea that he/she may go for Engineering or Medical studies after class 10th.

    (2) Giving competitive exams from early classes develop competitive temperament & confidence in the student.

    (3) A student also comes to know where he ranks at National and International Level.

  13. 13. How can parents gauge their ward's performance?

    All the results are promptly displayed at our website- www.csat.allen.ac.in  and sent through SMS to the Parents. Also we call Parents Teachers Meeting every 2 months where parents can come and counsel with ALLEN faculties for their ward’s performance.
  14. 14. How do you help students in preparing for competitive exams?

    In PNCF i.e. in early classes, first motive is to develop strong concepts in every subject. Those students who once develop the strong foundation are trained at advance level (i.e., higher level) targeting various competitive exams like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, NTSE, etc. A very few students who are ahead of their time & shows skills to work very hard are trained at excellent level for govt. Olympiads like Juniors science Olympiad (IJSO), Biology Olympiad (IBO), etc.
  15. 15. Along with school studies what kind of preparation you are providing to develop my ward?

    A student who Joins Allen PNCF first gets strong insight in concepts required to strengthen insight in every subject that is taught at Allen. He/she develops confidence to study in groups/completive environment; developing accuracy & competitive temperament by appearing in regular tests. Allen helps student to perform better than his/her previous classes but depending on his aptitude & hard work a student can reach to any height. For example, our students have cracked Junior Science Olympiad exams in class 6, 7, 8th, International Biology Olympiads in class 10th. Overall a student’s improves a lot, the scale of that improvement depend from student to student.
  16. 16. What is the schedule of test of Pre-Nurture?

    Test will be conducted on alternate Sundays
  17. 17. Is it sufficient for me to concentrate on ALLEN study material alone to attain my goal or do I need other supplements?

    For all kinds of exams (school exams/competitive exams/Olympiads), Allen PNCF has developed very fine quality study material that do not require any further supplement. However, a student can refer books if he/she solves Allen modules & his/her school books.
  18. 18. If my ward is not interested in medical or engineering, is it beneficial for him to be in Allen?

    Yes, here is nurturing and aptitude finding of an individual’s; it may be in the field of Charted Accountancy or administrative services because we groom academically in such a way that it will help your ward in knowing their skills and aptitudes.
  19. 19. Do you basically focus on Maths and Science?

    No, other subject also such as English and Social Science are taught along with Mental Ability that is must for any competitive exam.

  20. 20. On what basis the batches are shuffled?

    Batches are shuffled on the basis of student’s performance in their periodic tests and the objective is to keep students motivated and streamline batches are created after shuffling and same level students can study together.
  21. 21. Do you provide individual subject class also?

  22. 22. What if the syllabus at ALLEN does not match with what is taught in schools?

    Student must contact his/her mentor and can ask for extra classes from the faculties and can also cover at the doubt counters.
  23. 23. What if I don’t find any improvement in school grades?

    For nightly test and RACEs will build a strong foundation and will definitely improve his grades; if not then we arrange improvement batches. In classes we find out of weak point of students then work on then.
  24. 24. My ward is very much weak, less attentive, and not at all studious. Will Allen be beneficial for him?

    Allen has a competitive, enthusiastic environment which will motivate him to grow in a right direction.
  25. 25. How you differentiate average and above average students?

    According to result 3 batches are Foundation, Advance & Excellent.

    • Foundation batches : These batches are for the students who wants to study school level in focused way are naming FT1, FT2 i.e., Foundation Tenth. In this batch NCERT syllabus is covered
    • Advance Batches : These Batches are for brilliant students who are more intelligent naming AT1, AT2 i.e., Advance Tenth. In this Batch NCERT syllabus is covered along with Olympiads. The main focus is on various Olympiads conducted by various organizations.
    • Excellent Batches : This batch is a target for National/ International Olympiads like NSE ,P/C/JS/B etc.
  26. 26. Do you give homework?

    Yes, we provide RACE & DPR practice.
  27. 27. Do you teach computer & Sanskrit/ Hindi?

  28. 28. Is batch allotted once in starting test will remain same till end of session?

    Batch shuffling depends on the performance of the student. Then also if a student wants to change his/her batch than he needs to take permission first.
  29. 29. Is evaluation pattern different for different kind of batches?

    Foundation Batch Minor Test is held in every 15 day means twice in a month based on NCERT. While in Advance & Excellent batch Minor Test are held every week in which two are based on NCERT Syllabus and two are based on Olympiads preparation.
  30. 30. Can I pay the fees in instalments?

    The fee structure in PNCF courses is Lumpsum/Instalments. But instalments are available for 9th and 10th standrad only. Though, you can take advantage of ‘Special Fee Benefit’ by paying the fee before the prescribed date. Please visitwww.allen.ac.in for more details.
  31. 31.Why numbers of teaching hours are reduced?

    We have reduced number of teaching hours only in class 6th, 7th and 8th as they are still young and they cannot sit for long hours.
  32. 32. Why have you kept Sunday classes as our child gets only one day free from their hectic schedule?

    As for students of class 6th, 7th and 8th class duration is of two hours and fifteen minutes and there we generally focus on mathematics and science syllabus and on Sunday we can cover the social science and English. Our English and Social Science faculties are their all 7 days so students can come at their convenient time and ask their doubts which they have missed in their regular class.
  33. 33. Where are Olympiads certificate used?

    Basically they are used for taking admission in reputed as well as foreign universities and it also develops their application skills.
  34. 34. What is the Phase-1, Phase-2 & Phase-3?

    The classes for Phase-1 scheduled to start from 6th April 2020
    Phase-2 scheduled to start from 18th May 2020.
    Note: In Phase-2 frequency of classes is more in compare to Phase-1.

    Phase-3 scheduled to start from 5th October 2020..
    Note: In Phase-3 only we complete SA-2 syllabus.

  35. 35. Do you have separate classes for ICSE and CBSE students?

    Yes, ICSE students are enrolled to our advance batch with a screening test. The lecture plan that we will follow in advance batch is that we will complete 70% of syllabus in class, rest 30% the student need to take an initiative themselves, so that they can clear their doubts in “Doubt counters” or “Taking prior appointment from the concerned faculty”.
  36. 36. Do you have separate batches for GSEB?

    Yes, we have separate batches for GSEB in class IX and X.
  37. 37. Can a student of Gujarat Board sit along with CBSE students?

  38. 38. How do you assign advance and foundation batch?

    Through regular minor and major tests and feedback of faculties, students are assigned their batches.
  39. 39. Why should we send our ward in class 6th, 7th at ALLEN?

    At ALLEN we believe in building strong foundation by continuous and comprehensive training which leads to excellent performance of students at school level studies and in various Olympiad exams of National & International level.
  40. 40. How do you manage 40 students in each class?

    Classrooms in PNCF are designed with best infrastructure to ensure proper communication with the students and there are mentors in each class who keep record on performance of student in class as well as in test.
  41. 41.In PNCF why entrance exam is made compulsory?

    Basically there was no other mode of scholarship for PNCF other then Tallentex and Olympiads. This would give opportunity to gain scholarship on their fees. Secondly, student performance in ASAT is considered to assign foundation batch or advance batch after STD 8th.
  42. 42. My ward is studying in 9th class at ALLEN Ahmedabad Center. Can he change his Study center to Surat Center later on?

    Yes, the student can change his study center from Ahmedabad to any other ALLEN Center after proper counselling and by paying the applicable charges.
  43. 43. What is the duration of course in Pre-Nurture?

    The courses will be completed in January for 6th to 9th standard and for 10th course will completed in December after that revision classes will start.
  44. 44. Does your course comply with school syllabus?

    Our course covers complete ICSE and GSEB board based syllabus. We also follow NCERT based foundation module which covers entire CBSE syllabus and Advance module for Competitive Exams.
  45. 45. It is necessary to come at a specific time allotted for doubt counters or any other time, if he wants to come?

    All the respective faculties will be available at official timings for the doubt counters. Apart from that a student will have to take permission from the respective faculty.
  46. 46. I had appeared in ASAT but have not qualified it yet. Can I take direct admission through TALLENTEX result?

    Yes, you can take direct admission if you have qualified TALLENTEX EXAM.
  47. 47. Do you have franchise center in Surat?

    No, this is a branch office as each and every activity is centralized by our KOTA center.


  1. 1. What is ALLEN Scholarship Program Studies (ASPS)?

    At ALLEN we provide scholarship to Eligible students of Classroom Contact Program (CCP) covered under ASPS. Student can apply for any scholarship with required documents at their respective ALLEN Center.
  2. 2. Is there any scholarship for the SC/ST students or for the students whose parents are there in defense personnel and police personnel?

    No, student will get scholarship according to the ASPS criteria.
  3. 3. I am a student of ALLEN in current session and my real brother/sister wants to take admission this year. Is there any scholarship?

    Yes, we provide siblings scholarship that is 10%. It is necessary that both real brother and sister are studying in same session and only one student can avail this scholarship.
  4. 4. Sir my daughter was studying in your institute, in Class 9th (2014-15) and I want to admit my son in 8th class (2016-17). As per ALLEN policy, my son is eligible for up to 10 % discount in fees?

    Sibling Scholarship can be provided to any one student but both students should be studying in same session.
  5. 5. I am eligible for two scholarships for 50% scholarship in ASAT and HBCSE Olympiad first round qualified. So can I avail 100% scholarship?

    No, you can avail only one out of two scholarships at once, no two scholarships can be clubbed together.
  6. 6. My son had appeared in HBCSE Olympiad exam this year but the result has not come yet.  If I deposit his course fee now, how can I avail his scholarship later?

    You can deposit fee now and can fill the prescribed Scholarship Form later on from ALLEN Front office or from ALLEN website. You can avail scholarship till 30th September, 2016 only.
  7. 7. My son had taken admission in ALLEN and had availed 10% TALLENTEX Scholarship and he is now also eligible for 50% scholarship on basis of qualifying HBCSE Olympiad first round. Can he get refund of 50% fee that he has deposited now?

    As per ASPS the student can avail only one scholarship at once and now your son can get refund of remaining 40% scholarship. The student has to fill and deposit the prescribed Scholarship form at ALLEN office or online from ALLEN website.

  8. 8. I want to take admission in ALLEN and I am eligible for HBCSE Olympiad second round scholarship but I am not able to come to ALLEN center. Can I deposit fee online via Internet Banking or from HDFC/AXIS/CBI Branch from my hometown? How can I get Challan from ALLEN website?

    No, you can’t get scholarship Challan from ALLEN website but you can visit ALLEN center and get Challan by providing required documents for scholarship. Further you can also deposit fee as of now and can later on fill prescribed scholarship form from your nearest ALLEN office or from ALLEN website.
  9. 9. My two students are studying in ALLEN in Pre-Nurture course. Last year they both had availed Sibling Scholarship. Are they eligible for Sibling Scholarship in next year also?

    Yes, the students can avail Sibling Scholarship this year also if both of them continue in this Academic Session also. 
  10. 10. I have taken admission through ASAT and have also got 20% scholarship. Do I have to appear in ASAT next year also for scholarship?

    Next year the student can avail scholarship on the basis of any scholarship criteria as mentioned on our website and in our brochure as per our policies. Also the student can avail scholarship through ALLEN Champ and TALLENTEX.

About ASAT (ALLEN Scholarship cum Admission Test)

  1. 1. What is ASAT?

    ASAT stands for ALLEN Scholarship cum Admission Test. Students need to qualify ASAT exam for taking Admission in Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation Courses. Students are also awarded scholarship on the basis of their performance in ASAT.
  2. 2. What are the criteria of ALLEN Scholarship cum Admission Test (ASAT)?

    ASAT is conducted for PNCF courses at Surat Center with below criteria:

    1. Test pattern: Objective
    2. Syllabus: PNCF: NCERT Syllabus of Science, Maths of previous class attended with IQ.
    3. Test Duration: 2 Hrs. (01:00 PM to 03:00 PM).
    4. Test Result: Within a Week after Test date. It will be available on our website www.allen.ac.in
    5. Negative Marking: -1mark for every wrong answer other than Mental Ability.
  3. 3. Do you provide any sample paper of ASAT?

    Yes, you can get ASAT sample papers from ALLEN website. Kindly click here for ASAT sample papers.
  4. 4. I am not qualified in the ASAT; can I appear in next ASAT?

    Yes, you can appear in next ASAT by purchasing new Application Form.
  5. 5. Can a student appear in more than one ASAT?

    Every time a student appears in ASAT he/she will have to purchase a new Application Form.
  6. 6. If my ward is not satisfied with ASAT result can he/she appear for the second chance and which result will be considered?

    Yes, the student can appear in next ASAT also by filling new Application Form. Later the student can take admission with any of the ASAT result.
  7. 7. How will I get admit card for ASAT?

    You can download ASAT Admit card 4 days prior to ASAT date from ALLEN website.
  8. 8. What are the criteria of scholarship in ASAT?

    Scholarship in ASAT solely depends on student performance in test. Scholarship awarded in an ASAT can be availed till one day prior to the next ASAT.
  9. 9. How do we come to know about our ASAT result?

    ASAT result will be announced on ALLEN website within seven days of test. Confirmation message will be sent to you over your registered mobile number.
  10. 10. My ward wants to appear in ASAT but can’t come to Surat Center, is there any other ASAT center other than Surat?

    Yes, you can appear in any of our All India ASAT Test centers. Please click here to check your nearest ASAT Test center.
  11. 11. I am not able to go to Test center, can I give ASAT online?

    No, ASAT is conducted offline only
  12. 12. I want to take admission in last phase so do I have to appear in ASAT just before class commencement date or can I appear in any ASAT?

    You can appear in any ASAT falling before class commencement date.
  13. 13. I had filled online Application Form for IX class phase-I for the last ASAT conducted but I was not able to appear in that ASAT. Do I need to fill new Application Form for next ASAT or can I appear in next ASAT with same Application Form?

    You can appear in next ASAT with same form number in case you have not appeared in last ASAT. Before that you’ll have to submit request online via email or you can visit ALLEN Center and change your ASAT date.
  14. 14. My ward wants to take admission in 9th class. Is it necessary to appear in ASAT or he can take direct admission?

    It’s necessary to appear in ASAT. Direct admission is not allowed in courses in which admission mode is through ASAT. But, if the student is TALLENTEX qualified he is eligible to take direct Admission.
  15. 15. I had appeared in last ASAT for Class 8th for Kota center and have got 20% scholarship; can I now take admission in Surat Center?

    Yes, you can take admission in Surat Center on the basis of ASAT of Kota Center but you can’t avail scholarship of Kota Center in Surat 


  1. 1. My ward wants to take admission in ALLEN but will not be able to come before class commencement so is there any other way I can pay fees?

    Yes, you can pay the fees either online via Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card (without any extra charges) or can transfer funds online via NEFT. For NEFT please refer ALLEN website how to apply.

    You can also pay via Cash in any branch of either Central Bank of India, Axis Bank or HDFC Bank in your hometown by downloading Challan from ALLEN website

  2. 2. I will not be able to bring Cash to pay fee. What other modes are available to pay at ALLEN center?

    You can pay by Cheque or Demand Draft issued in favor of ALLEN Career Institute or can also pay by Credit-Card/Debit Card (without any extra charges).

    Note: Fee in cash will not be accepted at our office. Fee in cash will be deposited only at Bank Branches or Bank Counters.

    You can also make online payment through RTGS or Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card (without any extra charges). Details for the same are available on our website.

  3. 3. Can I pay my fee in three installments?

    No, you can pay your fee either in Lumpsum amount or in two instalmentsas mentioned in ALLEN website or detailed brochure.

    Though, you can take advantage of ‘Special Fee Benefit’ by paying the fee before the prescribed dates. Please visit www.allen.ac.in for more details.

  4. 4. I am eligible for ASAT Scholarship how much amount do I have to pay after deducting scholarship?

    ASAT scholarship can be availed at the time of registration on Lumpsum amount. You can get your detailed fee Challan from ALLEN website.
  5. 5. I wish to pay fees for both 9th and 10th Course at once, can I get any consideration in fee?

    No, there is no provision of paying fee for two years at once. You can pay fee for first year only, second year fee will be payable next year only.
  6. 6. What is the minimum amount I have to pay to confirm my admission at ALLEN?

    You will have to pay course fee in Lumpsum to confirm your admission at ALLEN.
  7. 7. I have qualified last ASAT for class 6th, when can I pay my course fee?

    You can pay your course fee at least three days before the class commencement date. 
  8. 8. I will send my Application Form via courier to ALLEN Surat Center.  Can I send along Demand Draft/Cheque of Lumpsum amount also?

    Yes, you can send Application Form by courier along with Demand Draft/Cheque of First Installment or Lumpsum Fee if entrance test is not applicable in your course.

    In case ASAT is applicable in your course you will have to first qualify ASAT and then you can send the Cheque/Demand Draft by deducting the scholarship, if any.

  9. 9. I am taking admission in Class 8th course at Surat Center. Can I pay course fee at Kota Center?

    Yes, you can deposit course Application Form as well as course fee at Kota Center through Cheque/Demand Draft.
  10. 10. My ward is not well and would not be able to continue his classes at ALLEN. Can I send refund request through email?

    No, for refund you have to come to ALLEN Center or you can download refund form from our website, www.allen.ac.in, and submit the refund form within the prescribed time or before last date of refund. No request of refund over email will be entertained.
  11. 11. What are your refund policies?

    At ALLEN we have one month refund policy as mentioned on our website and in our detailed brochure. The student/parent has to apply for refund within the mentioned dates in our refund policy. No request after refund date(s) will be entertained.